Our Culture

Our business is built on relationships and expertise. We understand the importance of accessibility, trust and getting the job done. We work hard to nurture our relationships – relationships with our families, employees, clients, peers and competitors, and the community. We are driven by a challenge and we value creative thinking, teamwork, initiative, and results. A member of the Bay Crest team is not just an employee, but a valued member of our family. We encourage and value their ideas and opinions.

Our Vision

We continuously examine our focus and further develop our platform to make certain we remain well positioned in the ever-changing market landscape. Moving the bar higher for ourselves to be a better partner for our clients is all that really matters. We are committed to excel in everything we do and to anticipate our clients’ needs and build value for them.

Our Values

We foster a culture of integrity, fairness and accountability. Paramount in this is living up to the highest level of ethical conduct in all of our relationships and in all activities. Our reputation is built on the personal integrity of each and every member of our team. Our responsibilities include adherence to the letter and the spirit of industry regulations and the law. We also expect to be judged by our own set of values:  

  • Integrity and Accountability – We hold ourselves to the highest standards in all we do, both as individuals and as a team. We strive to outperform our competition with hard work and honesty. We are accountable to our clients, our peers, our industry, the public, our employees and each other.
  • Innovation – We believe that innovation drives people, technology and success. We strive to set new standards of best practice, process and results.
  • Respect – One of the principles of our business value proposition is how people are treated and how they treat each other. At Bay Crest, we treat our employees, clients, vendors, regulators and the community with respect.
  • Teamwork – We are committed to working together, capitalizing on our combined strengths and expertise to deliver added value to clients.
  • Results – We choose this business to succeed. We expect to be judged by our contribution and hard work, and recognized for our ability to uphold and build on the standards we have set for ourselves. However, all of our efforts mean nothing if we don’t produce the desired outcome.


Our Community Commitment

We consider it a privilege to be able serve and support those in need, organizations and patrons who give, and our communities. We believe that a personal commitment to charity and philanthropy is at the core of being a good citizen and leads to success.